Dada@Sea was conceived and executed by Linus Lancaster and Frederick Young with the assistance of art students from Healdsburg High School, University of California Merced, and the San Francisco Art Institute.

About the creators:

Linus Lancaster, PhD

Linus Lancaster is a conceptual artist and independent scholar in the fields of performative arts, sculpture, and soil ecology.  He teaches visual arts full time at Healdsburg High School in Northern California.  He holds an M.A. in art practice and philosophy from Sonoma State University, and a PhD. in art practice and philosophy from University of Plymouth, UK.  His exhibits and installations include large scale earth art projects in Sonoma County, guerilla installations at State and Federal Capital Buildings in Sacramento and Washington DC, a large show at the Korean Cultural Foundation in Seoul, and a recent installation at the San Francisco Art Institute entitled Radio Free Benjamin. He has published several articles in scholarly journals on the subjects of art theory and ecology. 

Frederick Young, PhD

Frederick Young received his PhD in English with an emphasis in Continental Philosophy and Conceptual Art. After completing a Post-Doc in New Media Theory and Practice at the Georgia Institute of Technology, he was a visiting scholar in Sweden. He has been invited to speak in Europe, Nepal and the US. He is currently faculty at the University of California, and a visiting scholar at the San Francisco Art Institute. He volunteers his time at the Prison University Project at San Quentin teaching inmates college courses. His publications include in critical theory collections in French Theory. (On Derrida, Levinas and Deleuze.) His also works on technics, animality and conceptual art and transhumanism, and spatial politics. He serves on the Politics and Culture editorial board, and recently co-edited a special issue of “Angelaki: A Journal of Critical Thought on Technics, Art and Animality.” His recent work is co-edited book from Routledge, Being Human: Between Animals and Technology. His current work is moving toward conceptual art-based practice (from Diogenes to DADA) and has collaborated in publications in Art Theory with artists in Europe and the US. With his old collaborator, Dr. Lancaster, he is currently adrift with the DADA@SEA waiting for what Derrida calls a ‘future to-come,’ a future that exceeds the current market calculation of time and US commerce and one that opens to a future without condition, one of possibility, what Benjamin refers to as a ‘weak messiahanism.’

Special thanks to the following for their outstanding support:

City Lights Booksellers & Publishers

Glenn Howe, San Francisco Maritime Park Association (Boat Building Education Program)

Dennis Lindemann and Tamara Sokolov (Sea Scouts)

Peter Menchini & Maya Media (a special thanks for shooting Dada@Sea at Golden Gate Racetrack at the last minute, and documenting them blowing their $1000.00 from Citylights Bookstore on the horses. Images to appear soon.)

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Healdsburg Education Foundation

The Healdsburg High School Governance Council

Captain Rob Smith

Brian Osborn

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